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Knight Rider restoration


Hi everyone

I’ve recently been working on a project to restore the Blu-Ray Knight Rider episodes to their original broadcast versions.

Generally the Blu-Rays are accurate to the broadcast, but there were some differences.

Minor ones first:

  1. “Give Me Liberty…Or Give Me Death” 1 music track swapped out
  2. “White Line Warriors” 2 music tracks swapped out, one of which is used mutliple times.
  3. “Dead of Knight” 1 music track swapped out.

I have the previous UK DVD releases plus some homemade recordings from early 2000s which I have used to successfully restore all of the above.

Next one is interesting…

“Knight of the Drones” was releases as the syndicated 2 parter in the US. Luckily the UK set has the movie version. However, this and every version I’ve found has the normal season 3 intro. The original broadcast had a hybrid season 2/3 intro to avoid showing KITTs new dash. I have restored this completely other than 1 clip which lasts about 0.5 seconds which I can’t source anywhere. I’ve used a similar one in it’s place so to all intents and purposes I consider this one now done.


This is the bit where I need some help!

2 remaining parts of the project.

  1. Restoring the original stereo soundtracks to season 4. Every home DVD release with the odd episode exception, has only been released with mono sound. I have successfully tracked down stereo sources for all season 4 episodes, apart from “Knight of the Juggernaut” and “Burial Ground”. Rumours are that maybe iTunes or Netflix US could be possible sources for these. If anyone can be of help with this please get in touch with me.

Secondly, I have read from a reputable source that the latter part of season 2 had a slightly different opening sequence. If anyone can confirm this, and better still, provide me with a copy of it (even if its just a phone recording pointing at a screen), it would be of huge help.

If anyone has any questions about the project feel free to ask and I’ll do mt best to respond


OK, I’ve been helped out by a fellow fan who has identified the subtley different intros used for season 2 (the difference is VERY subtle!). The Blu-Ray release is accurate in this respect so no work required.

I am however still on the lookout (or should that be listen out?!) for the 2 stereo episodes listed above. If anyone can assist with this please let me know.

Also any edits to the BluRays that I haven’t listed.



Knight Rider was airing on Cozi Tv. Can’t find it on their schedule for this month though.

Where were you in '77?


That’s interesting. Unfortunately I don’t think I can access this from the UK. I will however check the schedules now and again, and if it reappears, hopefully I can find someone to check them out

SilverWook said:

Knight Rider was airing on Cozi Tv. Can’t find it on their schedule for this month though.


One of the episodes from season 2 or 3 is missing footage is it still missing on the blu ray? In other words are these the syndicated cuts?

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