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Is it possible to burn an NJVC Set with SW 2.5 instead of SW 2.7?


I’ve skimmed through both SW versions as MKVs side by side, and with all due respect to Towne32, I think I prefer the coloring of 2.5. A little less yellow here and there, just a matter of personal taste. But the NJVC feature disc is made with 2.7.

So is there a way to swap out version 2.7 from NJVC’s ISO and replace it with 2.5, since presumable the only difference would be the coloring?

I realize this is probably a dumb question, since the internal structure of NJVC’s ISO file looks way too complicated to be able to do that easily. And honestly, both 2.5 and 2.7 look great, so on a scale of one to ten importance, this probably only ranks at about a one and a half for me.

But just in case there is a (relatively) simple way to do this, I thought I’d ask.


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