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I don't suppose anyone would be willing to dress up as Count Dooku?


I want to add Dooku to TPM. The way I envision it would require new footage of him. I’m thinking behind the blue blur (not this one) of a hologram, someone other than Christopher Lee could pull off the part convincingly. This hologram would replace that of Sidious in two scenes (the conference aboard the Donut (because as far as I’m concerned, that might as well be that ship’s name), and the conversation in the throne room). This would probably be supplemented by one or two clips from AotC to show you Dooku in person, albeit away from the action.

Long story short, I need someone to play the part of Count Dooku for a couple of scenes. While they will be blurred by being a hologram, they should at least somewhat resemble him (hence why I don’t want to play him myself). The costume is fairly simple, and all footage would of course be shot against a greenscreen.

I know I’m asking for a lot, but I figured it can’t hurt to try asking.


Might be a good idea to ask at a cosplay site. I don’t think very many people here would be able to do this.

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