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I am looking for the Despecialized Editions - please help.


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Why was this topic locked?

this thread has run it’s course - though ZigZig and Frink have passed the test - and move on to the next level…


George Lucas once said “People who alter or destroy works of art for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians” that was around 1987 when he said that,and about 10 years later he did the unthinkable.Can someone please tell me how to download or even purchase Harmys despecialized editions please? Thank you. Hondo, Texas


Edit my moderator : The original title of your thread - ‘FUCKKKK!!! HELP!!’ - isn’t likely to get you much help on this site.

Take the time and enjoy having a look around the site and you’ll soon find what you are looking for - as well as details on how to acquire it - for free.

Just to be clear - We do NOT sell Harmy’s Despecialized Editions.

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