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I, Pet Goat II : Adventures In Hollywood Predictive Programming


…Or: How I Learned To Start Worrying And Hate The Globalist Cabal…

Interesting subcategory of scriptwriting:

Ultra psymedicated and psymindf@#$%^ child sex-slaves are Luciferian’s “pet” little Baphomet kid goats.

Reptilian puppet masters capitalist “Jew” snake scapegoats as opposed to socially enlightened “real Jews”.

Bush song and dance map with False Flag ops pinned morphs into “Barak Obama” vampire(rituals?) an/The a/Antichrist concoction of “The Company” Catholics In Action. First timestamp classroom clock at 12, Barry winks eclipse on his cheek Aug 21.

Next timestamp MKAlice Virgo bathed in bright light 12 figures behind her head, circle with light and dark patches under her, Sept 23 configuration. She drops her apple(womb) splits open at Lightening Barry’s foot two seeds grow merge into sacred flower purplish Heliofant/Heliotrope Roman emperor purple revolution, “Barry” supposedly troubled by all the chaos and cataclysm he helps to create.

Move outside timestamp Big Ben stuck at 12, after Aug 21. Brit PTB suddenly shut down BB for “reno” until 2021(3.5 years) clock and bell stopped at 12 height of eclipse Aug 21.

Next timestamp wall Psalm23/Donald23/Sept23/239/923 half torn flag goes to Donald.

Male-female white towers demolition charges deliberate systematic destruction of American white people and society.

Dancing boy whiteface mask of anguish leaps short drop into water. Dancing boys homoerotic-pedo sex-slaves. Homo-militants are vicious predatory psychopaths. ME and all the NOTMEs. Pretty boys are NOTMEs and they don’t really feel or mourn for their parents/brothers/sisters/friends because that is bothersome to their masters. Psyop directed at homo-militant tools and teetering homosexuals depraved psychology.

ISIS(Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) CIA Osama bringing bombs and militants.

Oil pumps under storm drips into water hurricanes? Whirwind over statue of Liberty torch falls.

Homoerotic Commie Liberation Theology ZioJesuit “Jesus” is asleep supposedly not responsible for any of the cataclysm.

Corporate “Jew” media snake pumping fake news into broken boy’s head market collapse war declared.

Freemasons take all blame for bombing dome(of the rock?) mosque. Muslim woman mourns dead son with one eye damaged holds purple vial fire on rock.

Commie “Jesus” burns dove of peace.

Whiteface mask boy out of water dancing not really bothered.

Marxist latino drowning Venezuela? Venezuela Jesuit recently rewarded for good work Superior General.

Drug-addled hate-filled SJW girl purple ribbon eyes go dark and dead.

SJW girl tries to surrender and stop horror she helped to create with nasty moronic catastrophic treason against her own people. Day of Dead Latino criminal Marxist gangbanger tells her too-late purple revolution fireworks will continue (on Day of the Dead?). She learns who really rules her and her revolution as she goes into totalitarian agony she helped generate.

Psyops directed at criminal-Marxist black and Latino ganbanger tools to know they will turn nasty SJW females into slaves.

To be continued…

This post has been edited.

“It is quite simple to turn an aquarium into fish stew. You boil it. Reversing the process is a bit more difficult.” - A Russian Official


I feel like you write in another language and use Google translate to make it English.

Chickens have personalities.

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