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COMING AUGUST 2017: For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit


UPDATE: this project is near completion. see updated changelist in this post.

The 12th James Bond film is a favorite of mine. After the silly Moonraker, the film makers decided it was time to return to a more serious tone, with a traditional spy plot. The film mostly succeeds, but there a few missteps that have always bothered me. My goal is to make FYEO a more “classic” Bond film.

The big idea is to tighten the film, and replace the Bill Conti score with classic John Barry music from other Bond films.


  • UA/MGM LOGO. replaced with 1981 UA logo
  • Original pre-credits opening with graveside scene and helicoptor removed. new opening is the sinking of St Georges,murder of the Havelocs
  • opening title/song re-synced and pitch corrected with the original album version Sheena Easton’s song
  • toned down MI6 chief of staff’s disdain for 007
  • identigraph scene dramatically shortened
  • motorcycle attack on Melina removed
  • hockey player attack removed
  • submarine attack removed
  • Bond and Melina’s afternoon shopping removed
  • Margaret Thatcher removed

in addition to the above major alterations, there are these changes that alter the timing and feel of the movie

  1. nearly every scene in the movie has tightened editing, some gags and bad effects removed
  2. some new sound effects added to help the impact of action scenes
  3. color timing changed on a scene-by-scene basis to make it feel more “cinematic”
  4. replace Conti with Barry

The film’s original running time is 127 mins.

New running time is 99 minutes.

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Just a quick mention that Im still working on this. This summer marks the 35th anniversary of For Your Eyes Only being released to theaters.

Here is great article with a few Bond fans discussing the films legacy.

This qoute sums up my feeling on the film, and why I started this project.

“For Your Eyes Only enjoys a reasonably enthusiastic following among Bond fans. It’s certainly not top-of-the-pack but its attributes have aged well while its weaker elements don’t seem any worse than they did in 1981. The movie greatly misses a John Barry score and a bit of judicious editing could have made it much better by trimming some of the embarrassing gags, but in the end, it has held up well — and provided fans with what many think is Moore’s best interpretation of Bond.”

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July 5 update:

The recent passing of Roger Moore has revitalized my interest in finishing this project. Good news: its nearly done. Ive aquired Adobe Premiere Pro, so the editing process has taken a major step forward. Thankfully, the 5.1 mix isolates the Bill Conti score to the left, right, and surround channels, so removing it while keeping dialoge and sound effects intact has proven much easier than anticipated.

Final touches are happening now.I hope to be sharing this cut on the spleen in the coming weeks.

some comparisions: original followed by recolored

This post has been edited.


Cool work so far. I would like to demo this when you have a work print.


This is really exciting for me! Over father’s day I had recently re watched this for the first time in quite a while. I Agree with basically all your decisions as well.


Rendering the release candidate now. My friends and I will be reviewing it in the next few days.

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