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Fanedit downloads without My Spleen access


Just one for the long term initiated - is there any other site to get the download links for the various fanedits ,particularly for those that ( like myself) do not have access to My Spleen? They often will not be on the torrent sites and I fully get that.
People on here have been very kind and helped me with links for various pieces of work but I am not one that likes to continually bother or pester people.
I know about but that site does not appear to have been updated for a while.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated - I am one who strictly abides by the rules but like to see and appreciate the creativity that goes into these edits. I remember doing my own fan edits in the 80’s from VHS so I fully get the passion!


I’d suggest taking a look around at some of the other main Fan Edit sites mate, some of which are listed in here - link

Some private and public torrent sites may also be of use for finding some Edits - and most online search engines are also useful for finding them too.

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