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Batman v Superman: No Justice [WW, Justice League, Darkseid, Doomsday removed]


IFDB page:


BATMAN V SUPERMAN: NO JUSTICE refocuses “Batman v. Superman” on its central conflict between Man and God. All aspects of its Dawn of Justice subtitle are excluded: Wonder Woman, the Justice League, Doomsday, Darkseid and the Kryptonian ship. These omissions create a more coherent and accessible story, intended for a general audience.

I disagreed with Batman’s attitude towards killing and reduced this aggressively, while retaining a sense of brutality about this jaded veteran Dark Knight. His misguided commitment to murdering Superman is more dramatically effective if nobody else has died by his hand.

Certain interactions between Superman and other characters are removed to make him seem less mopy and hopeless, and further depict Clark as the “other” in a world that cannot trust him.

Strategic omissions place the emphasis more on Lex Luthor’s misdeeds than his mannerisms. There are also other minor cuts (detailed in full on the website) that help to create a lean 106 minutes running time before credits, shaving 69 minutes from the Ultimate Edition.

Visual filters reintroduce some of the lost colour to create a bolder, more comic book inspired image.

Due to the radical nature of the cuts, it goes without saying No Justice will contradict future DCEU content, and as such should be viewed as an isolated sequel to “Man of Steel”.

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Bro this edit is incredible! You deserve so much praise for this!


I don’t think it is really needed, of course do as you please but I think, even though the movie wasn’t perfect, those aspects are really important going forward into the rest of the DCEU.

If this is just for fun, fine but if you are planning on this being meant as a replacement for the original it won’t be coherent with the rest of the films and kinda suck.

P.d. I really liked the Extended Cut. Just my opinion


Thanks. The art is not mine, I simply adapted it for your project. Your edit is one of my favorites of all time. Stellar work.

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