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An upvote/downvote system for posts.


I feel like this would add a lot to the threads, allowing people to see how other users feel about a comment. This could be useful in discussing fan ideas or suggestions to edits. e.g. threads such as ‘A Gentle Restructure’ often involve opinions and suggestions being put forward for the consideration of others, and simply viewing the likes/dislikes/upvotes/downvotes on a post is much simpler, and potentially more effective, than reading through multiple individual messages.

It would also add more interraction in threads, allowing users to like comments they agree with or find particularly interesting, helpful, funny, etc, or dislike comments that they disagree with or find offensive in any way.

I’m not sure if this suggestion has been brought up before but it is something I have been wanting in the time I’ve this website, hopefully there are others who agree.

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