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Ability to link to certain posts within the context of a thread


While the new feature of being able to see specific member’s post history is very interesting, it seems to have come with a drawback, in that linking to specific posts now only shows that specific post, and not within the context of the thread. So if you’re providing a thread and want somebody to start reading at a certain point, you now have to link to the page instead of the post.

That is no big deal at all, except that it has caused certain older threads to become difficult to navigate, since they will sometimes link to a certain post for you to begin reading at and you end up just having to search the whole thread to find what they were talking about.

Also would be nice, when reading a users post history, to be able to click on those posts and see them in the context of the thread, the responses they got, and so on.

Unless of course this is already possible and I’m just missing it, in which case I apologize for wasting your time.

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You’re not missing it. The ability to link to posts within their parent topic didn’t make it into the launch version, but it’ll be in the first update, which is coming soon.

If you look at the screenshots I posted here, you’ll see a link to the individual post in the top right of each post. I’ll also add a similar link to the post details page so you can jump to that post in the topic.

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Is this still coming? I find myself constantly manually editing the links to add /page/<pageNbr>#<PostID> style format. seems like it should be so simple to address this.

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