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Max_Rebo's '97 SE superset' preservation
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6-Jul-2008, 4:29 PM
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6-Jul-2008, 4:56 PM
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Owen-Lars-Kenobi said:

I swear that trailer for the SE was on the 2004 bonus disc. I love it too:p

Also, if your going to include the making of's from the vhs there is a far better version of those included in the big limited edition SE set, the  one with poster prints and a medalion  of some sort.  Included is a  documentary called "the making of the star wars trilogy special edition" or something, and it consists of all 3 making of's from the vhs's edited together with more footage to create a documentary. Something else that would be interesting to have would be highest quality possible versions of the "Anatomy of a Dewback" web docs from


I think I have a copy of the longer 'making of' on a disc somewhere, good idea about 'Anatomy of a Dewback' I think it's still available on the star wras site so I may well include it.


Number20 said:

Some trailers were on the SE laserdisc set, along with a making of special.  Babyhum also has put out some SE-specific stuff that might also be of interest.  OCPmovie did another disc of Special Edition specials a while back as well.  There should be plenty of sources for a bonus disc or two for this set. 

Looking forward to this set.  Good luck!


Thanks for the tips, I'll take a look and see what good stuff I can find.


Here are the images I promised from the 4 version of ANH:

I find Chewie is always a good indicator of the quality of a source, as you can see the Flunk just has the edge on quality, and the other three are fairly similar


Below you can see an odd problem  the two versions that have non-english crawls and hard subs also have less dirt on them, however I still believe all of these are based on the same master (due to framing and dirt marks) but there are a few differences, i.e. the Flunk is slightly wider than the others, the GKAR has clearly gone through a dirt removal process at some points which has removed some sparks and other details, the Reivax is missing some dirt that is present in all the others. etc. etc. on top of that they all suffer from Macro-blocking to different degrees and at different times.

So all in all it looks like ANH is going to be more complicated than I thought and it will probably be a matter of deciding which source is best on a scene by scene basis. Should be fun!

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