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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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11-Jan-2018, 8:18 AM
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11-Jan-2018, 8:19 AM
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DrDre said:

oojason said:

DrDre said:

Anchorhead said:

DrDre said:

oojason said:

Well said, mate.

Not well said. As long as debates are civil, any subject should be open for discussion. I don’t tell anyone else what they should or should not write about, and I expect the same courtesy.

Neither did I. In fact, I specifically said feel free to dissect and rant. My point was to occasionally give some thought to taking a break from trying to beat the franchise and the fans who may not agree with you.

…It has been suggested by Jason, that too many negative posts allways warrent moderator action. I obviously feel this is not in the best interests of an open forum with a free flow of ideas, but also feel this is a bit disingenuous, considering the mostly negative threads on the prequels and special edition changes on this forum.

Actually, what I posted was… (and the full post can be found here -

oojason said:

An issue for anyone trying to read through this thread most likely - whether they agree or disagree - whatever their stance. Most topics on the site with seemingly endless repeated and circular negative content will eventually result in a mod trying address the issue therein.

Let’s not put words into the mouths of others, nor take them out of the context in which they were used. Ok.

The problem with this reasoning is, that:

  1. As far as I can tell only those that disagree with the criticisms have expressed their frustration with what they apparently percieve to be endless repeated and circular negative content.

  2. The endless repeated and circular negative content valuation is entirely subjective IMO.

  3. The endless repeated and circular negative content is IMO inaccurate, as these debates involve two sides of the equation, which by extension must imply there’s endless repeated and circular positive content also.

  4. I’m not the only poster who has expressed frustration with this in my view one sided approach. Several very eloquent posters have indicated they too feel the same way. These opinions are apparently ignored, in favour of the complaints by those posters with positive opinions of the film.

  5. Most if not all toxic discussions are based on one side disrespecting the other with statements like “I can’t understand how anyone can like this movie”, “RJ has destroyed Star Wars”, or “First they complain about a lack of originality, and now it’s too original”. So, it’s not really about the positivity or negativity of the opinions towards the film, that are expressed, but how they are expressed.

  6. Your post fails to address the apparent bias towards percieved endless repeated and circular negative content as opposed to percieved endless repeated and circular positive content. Aside from the lack of support in the forum rules, why is only negative content singled out? The forum rules restrict themselves to bad behaviour, and logically don’t put any restrictions on content, unless inflamatory or profane.

No, the problem is that you are sidestepping the issue and ignoring putting words into others mouths and taking them out of context.

All of these posts from your reaction to a moderator posting ‘By all means feel free to vent, deconstruct, debate, rage, etc. I do it occasionally myself. It’s what makes this forum work. However, maybe give some serious thought to focusing on what you like. The stuff we don’t like about the franchise isn’t going away.’ - wow.

Now, as not to derail the thread further - feel free to PM with any concerns you may have.


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