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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo
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10-Jan-2018, 11:30 AM

dahmage said:

chyron8472 said:

dahmage said:

chyron8472 said:

TV’s Frink said:

Is it really this hard for you guys to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment? Someone who isn’t the majority in this country, be it numerical majority (white) or power majority (male)?

Why is it a requirement to get all fired up about this speech? That if one doesn’t get fired up about it, that automatically indicates that one must be unable to remotely identify with others?

Why is it so hard for you to put yourself in the shoes of someone else who does not share your opinion and to not be critical of them?

if you are going to get upset every time you reply to frink, maybe try not replying.

I’m not upset. Just let Warbler have his opinion, is what I’m saying.

oh, so you are upset for warbler. just let warbler be upset for himself is all i’m saying.

Who says Warbler is upset?

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