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Enter the Dragon
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14-Nov-2017, 11:22 AM
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14-Nov-2017, 12:08 PM
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This is not the theatrical cut or the special edition as the special edition is based on the asian version or hong kong version.

This is sort of a hybrid with a few extra shots and alternate takes not found in any other version but which follows the script for the tournament so there is a part that is rearranged so it gives more clarity to the timeline of the tournament part.

But is more akin to the theatrical version than the asian version or special edition version.

But the audio is very much a new mix created from various sources but restores all the music from all versions + the whole of “gentle softness” and missing sound effects from the asian version and also i added a few strokes of audio and sound effects myself where audio was clearly missing and to accomodate extra footage but it is not particularly revisionist and sorts out audio synch issues also as it goes out of synch in some parts in the special edition version.

The theatrical cut is only on laserdisc but i hope this version will be like a sort of substitute that goes beyond the theatrical cut and fixes all the jump cuts and it flows much better also being more smooth and refined but also to create a version that is a bit more sensible and padded out slightly.

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