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Star Wars : Forces Of Destiny (New Shorts by Disney)
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14-Nov-2017, 10:30 AM

Season 2

Episode 1 - Newest Recruit

Sabine and Ketsu face off against stormtroopers on a mission that becomes more complicated than they bargained for.

Episode 2 - Tracker Trouble

Chewie and Rey use their mechanical skill to find a tracker bomb on the Millennium Falcon.

Episode 3 - Teach You, I Will

Ahsoka learns to fight with two lightsabers as she spars with Master Yoda.

Episode 4 - The Starfighter Stunt

While Ahsoka teaches Padme how to pilot, they come under attack by a droid starfighter.

Episode 5 - Accidental Allies

Sabine helps Jyn escape a stormtrooper pursuit and Jyn helps Sabine in return.

Episode 6 - An Imperial Feast

Leia orders Han to bargain with fellow pilot Hera Syndulla for rations that hungry Ewoks might enjoy.

Episode 7 - The Happabore Hazard

Rey discovers a stubborn, unmoving Happabore sitting on the ship she’s meant to tow back.

Episode 8 - Crash Course

Sabine reluctantly lets Ketsu borrow her favorite speeder for a covert mission.

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