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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set
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17-Jul-2017, 3:13 PM
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17-Jul-2017, 3:14 PM
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Sougouk said:

I finished watching NJVC’s blurays this weekend, but had a problem with ROTJ.

At one point, the movie paused a lot longer than usual (most probably a layer break). However, when the movie resumed, there were some Video artifacts for a second. After that, everything played on normally, with no other problems.

Has anyone experienced this with the 50gb iso of ROTJ?

I didn’t watch my 50 gb version of Jedi, but a friend did, and he reported no issues. I suspect that it is a burn or media issue that you have. I shelled out the big bucks for verbatim M-disc and burned at the slowest possible speed.