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16-Jul-2017, 5:27 PM

“Europa Report” (2013)

The found footage format is old hat these days but this nifty little film isn’t half bad.

Some chick who isn’t Shailene Woodley doing a British accent, a dude from The Wire, the villain from Ghost Protocol, Howlin’ Mad Murdock himself (no, not the proper one) and the Ice Truck Killer from Dexter fill out the cast along with a couple of other actors who might well have had other roles. They blast off towards Jupiter for science reasons and are never heard of again until their mysterious in-flight footage is found.

There’s a reason nobody’s aware of this movie (I just watched it and I’m still not entirely sure I’ve heard of it) and that’s because it sounds like a load of old codswallop. You can’t sell a movie like this these days without people thinking it’s derivative. It made more than its budget back but it didn’t do great business (sadly, “Uranus Report” will likely never get greenlit) - but it’s actually well worth your time.

A well-paced, nicely made, satisfyingly scripted bit of sci-fi… 3 and a half C-listers out of 5? Yeah, that sounds about right.