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11-Jul-2017, 6:07 PM
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Spider-man 2 with the kiddos, still the best of the original bunch. Some questions and plot oddities popped up, like how did Doc Ock know where Peter and Mary Jane were meeting? or Why did Ock’s new limbs care if he remade his fusion reactor? But overall, a quality entry that holds up a bit better than the first installment, even with Ock’s ‘Nooooooooo!!!’. My girls felt that Peter was too much of a push over, but I just chalk that up to his geeky charm. My main issue with the film series is the amount of time it took for Peter and M.J. to finally get together. But this type of love story from afar is hardly new, and unfortunately has popped up in The Flash and Arrow TV series. Super dudes just gotta get better at keeping secrets from the evil dudes.

Spider-man 3…kids bailed at about the 52 minute mark, but I am still hanging in there. So much potential…sigh…

John Wick Point Blank fan edit in black and white. A must see if possible. One of the best fan edits I have been fortunate enough to see; and the black and white is beautifully done.