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TV’s Frink said:

adywan, if you don’t delay the release six months in order to reshoot the entire scene, I’m not going to watch this.

I want to see the first assembly cut of that sequence… I don’t think Ady can help with that would be impossible unless he has managed to break into the Lucusfilm Vaults armed with a crowbar and a flash drive?

I read about Mark Hamil had an injury whilst filming this bit… (not car accident) and it halted filming. Could have been scrapped because of this… The Antenna Breaking that is? It’s a mystery…

And it is the last mystery that I do not have an answer for… But I have 70% the music cue I got stuck in the middle and don’t know the answer.

ignore the middle part it’s not conclusive but the start is right and the end is right I think apart from I needed to add an extra second or so of Leia using the medical tool thing. Not sure about extra frames in the Gout something else to consider. Basically like I said i don’t have the whole picture.

After thinking a bit about the middle bit and to have a guess. I would say that Luke drops earlier Lando reaches the the top hatch looks about Luke is gone (antenna broke or jumps early and that seems logical) Then we cut to a shot of Tie fighters closing in on cloud city? Then perhaps Lando pulling Luke across the top of the Falcon. But it’s all conjecture and I really don’t have the foggiest on it.

Sans minature Lando and close Cockpit POV of Luke I’ll call them inserts. Basically yeah it’s all guess work.