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STAR WARS: EP V "REVISITED EDITION"**ADYWAN** - **Suggestions now closed**
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1-Jul-2017, 4:58 AM
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Jonno said:

Yeah, I’ve always thought that scene needed more tension. 6/10 insufficient snapping.

If you watch that part of the film again the antenna thing is wobbling about a lot though when Luke moves… It was missing some sort of close up on the actual antenna thing as an explanation that it was coming loose… Possibly some sparks or fixing coming loose. (possibly why Luke fell when reaching for that closing hatch?)

It’s a fascinating part of the film in how it is quite similar but also pretty different from the comic. I think it might of been one of the last parts worked on because the 70mm has no falcon dish under Luke then the 35mm had the falcon dish composited. It’s a bit of a mash up.

I hope one day we get to see an assembly of this with the music cues restored. Stuff missing caused a massive debate about Luke’s Lightsaber.

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