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1-Jul-2017, 3:20 AM

exitzero said:

There was a debate about Luke’s severed hand falling to Bespin a while back. I have always assumed it was his hand falling. I tweeted Pablo Hidaglo about it and just realized I actually got a reply-

Pablo Hidalgo‏ @pablohidalgo 5 Jul 2016
I always figured it to be some unrelated trash. His hand and saber fell earlier and prob wouldn’t end up in the same chute.

as Doubleofive said it is part of the antenna thing he lands on. The whole point was that the antenna was unstable and getting close to breaking point.

Luke who was trained by Yoda to use the force upside down doing one armed handstands (because Yoda could see the future and his predicament) taught Luke to get out of this terrible situation.

What you did not see that was in the comic was that instead of Luke falling by his own free will on to the falcon underneath. The Antenna snapped and the Falcon reached him in the nick of time to scoop him up before falling to his death.

Also the falcon was being chased by Tie Fighters lost them with the loop turn thingy through the clouds it does when heading back for Luke and had to be quick because the tie fighters were back in pursuit.

When Vader says “bring my shuttle!” it’s because he is angry that the tie fighters got totally out smarted… Which is why he is made the decision to go after them himself rather than leave it to others.

The point that the antenna was in a dangerous position of snapping with Luke on it was pretty much lost and so was the Falcon being chased and then caught up with again under cloud city. Lost an awful lot of the tension in that part.

Great work on the Wampa!