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12-Jun-2017, 5:02 PM
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nightstalkerpoet said:

Ronster said:

nightstalkerpoet said:

Ady, are you working in 8 or 10 bit color - and if 10 bit, will you be releasing a 10 bit version?

Although I think 10 bit is an improvement even if it’still an 8 bit source don’t you need a 10 bit source or raw scan to really make a difference?

I think changing to 10 bit depth does do something positive regardless although I don’t know the specifics… I think it just allows a better gradient?

If I recall correctly, Poita has provided Ady with raw 4k 16-bit scans.

Yeah his camera probably captured in 16 bit images. I don’t really understand it but I think you can process stills or video at higher bit rates but still render it out at 8 bits and you still get better gradients improved range and darker shadows and better highlights, because somehow 8 bit = (8 red, 8 green 8 blue) 24 bit true color.

I am stumped by it but it is something like that.

Even if you have an 8 bit source if you process it say color correction at a higher bit depth if will give you a larger grey scale and more colors even if it an 8 bit Video. and then you can render it with better range lessen blown out highlights and stuff then render back to 8 bit. you can’t reverse black crush though because it is gone but better if you have the actual bit depth to begin with.

I think you need special codec or processor and a 10 bit display panel to enjoy 10 bit video? But like I said I don’t completely get it.

Most new TV’s were updated with REC. 2020 to be able to handle better color information anyway.