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Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!
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3-May-2017, 4:40 AM

DrDre said:

lansing said:

DrDre said:

It’s generally much faster to export a LUT for use in Davinci Resolve or Adobe After Effects, than to do it frame by frame in the tool. Shot-by-shot correction still takes a lot of time though, as each LUT is good for roughly 100 frames, and there are roughly 2,000 shots in a two hour film.

Thanks, I imported the generated LUT into Premiere and it applied instantly, with the cost of spike in RAM.

I’m testing it out on my dragon ball now, and I have a panning shot where there’re noticeable ringing artifacts along the lines. I have to turn smooth up to 0.9 in order to get it away. Is this normal? Can you take a look? I uploaded the reference and test image.


Did you make sure the cropping is the same for the test and reference frames? If so, could you also share the raw test frame?

I tested on 3 other scenes, they all work fine even without cropping. I did try cropping this test image to match the reference, but it’s still the same problem with the white ringing between the character and the sky. I also tried sampling from the last frame of this same scene and it works fine again without the need to pump up the smoothing parameter.


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