John Dykstra Interview Circa July 1977

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RE: John Dykstra Interview Circa July 1977

Thanks for the post, this is a nice look into the tensions post SW. Dykstra's loyalties to Trumbell and Universal against the allegiances with ILM and Lucas. Dykstra lays out his apprehension towards the type of film he just worked on. Silent Runnings had a larger moral while SW was this feel fun fest. Also possibly viewed as the harder Sci-Fi verse Fantasy conflict. Nowadays that whole middle quarrel would never have made print. Great to see full transcripts.

The shooting date of the Making of SW special is good to know.

Identifying similaries between the separations from the LFL camp by Dykstra and Kurtz might make for a good article. Both have money as the over arching factor, but their comments could point to some other issue.



going through Dkystra's wiki entry, now know that all of the American Cinematographer SW articles are online:

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RE: John Dykstra Interview Circa July 1977

I usually refrain from knowing too much about how special effects were done, because I don't want to spoil the illusion for myself, but I have to admit it is very impressive to think how much they were able to accomplish with what was available.  While it's true that the effects of Star Wars do have some flaws, on the whole they're so damn good I still feel they have yet to be matched in many ways.  It's truly incomprehensible to me that Lucas can only ever see them with disappointment and believe them not to be good enough.  It seems he can't distance himself enough from the making of the film to be able to see the merit of what's actually there, instead of what isn't.

Dykstra was right about there being a wave of 'b' science fiction movies after Star Wars.  Most of them don't even come close to matching it in terms of visual brilliance or artistic value, and the effects nearly always look utterly fake in comparison.

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