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Halloween Ncn04s cut

Project Summary
The goal was to make Halloween 5 more of a standalone film (while not overtly contradicting Thorn for fans of that storyline), while also making a few trims and repairs. Many fan complaints of the film are addressed and corrected now.
Release Date
March 16, 2007
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A quick summary of some of the edits:

1. The mysterious "Man in Black" is now completely gone from the film.

2. The shot of Loomis holding Jamie during the Halloween 4 recap at the beginning of this film is removed, as this contradicts the events of Halloween 4.

3. There is no longer a Thorn tattoo on Michael's wrist.

4. The "Clownish Cops" are no longer clownish, nor does silly clownish music play when they're around.

5. Billy, the annoying stuttering child, has been toned down, and he no longer stutters.

6. The Myers house was completely different from the house in Halloween 1. So I've replaced exterior shots of the house with stock shots of the house from Halloween 1. Some other shots are cropped to disguise that it's a different house.

7. When Loomis first visits the Myers house, I trimmed the parts where he looks at the laundry chute. I felt these portions are too "in your face" in setting up the chute later on in the film. I did leave in a brief moment where we see the chute door in the background. I felt this was subtle enough to set up the Jamie/chute scene later on.

8. During the "Cookie Woman" scene, we hear someone say into a radio "Sgt. Meeker, what's your 20?" I changed this to "Meeker, what's your 20?" A small nit, but it bugged me since Meeker's the Sheriff. Billy also doesn't "translate" for Jamie during this scene.

9. A few Tina moments are toned down to make her less annoying. Her "bomp-a-da" singing cut down, her "eekeekeek" after saying "I'm not sensible if I can help it." is gone, etc. I have Jamie's begging and crying "Don't go! Tina!" toned down as Tina's ignoring of her pleas hurts her character. Jamie still asks her to stay, but it's not as desperate.

10. Some moments from the supporting characters (such as Mikey and Spitz) are also toned down a bit to make them less annoying.

11. The barn scene has been tightened, including the overlong sex scene with Spitz.

12. When Michael is chasing Jamie with the car, some shots were flipped incorrectly, making it look as if Michael is on the wrong side of the car. I've reflipped these shots. I've also removed the expressions of smiling relief on Jamie's face when the car crashes, since Jamie would know better.

13. Michael no longer sheds a tear in the attic.

14. When Loomis beats Michael with a board, he doesn't keep ridiculously screaming "Die Die Die Die!" He now says "Die, Michael, Die!" once.

15. When Michael is in jail, he originally was wearing his mask. Since many fans felt this was unbelievable, I've digitally colored Michael's mask to fleshtone so it looks like he's not wearing his mask. The cell's bars blocking his face helps with the illusion.

16. Instead of the Man In Black shooting a machine gun and freeing Michael from jail, the scene has been recut to imply Michael broke free on his own.